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    Just try it today: Bamboo fungus soup wi Nourishing diet: White fungus broth with Chinese cuisine: Braised Straw mushrooms
  2. > New Tech MORE

    Full-automatic Shiitake bagging producti China’s first batch of robots intellig New cultivation way of Enoki mushroom
  3. > Production& Cultivation MORE

    Two key elements that guarantee the succ Control technology of Rhizopus on Enoki Management kernels during the fruiting p
  4. > Pest Control & Prevention MORE

    Measures to hike the output of Eryngii m What to do when speckles occur on mushro Find ways to control thin and weak mycel
  5. > Processing & Store MORE

    Yellow wine brewed by King oyster mushro Simple preservation method of Button mus The making technique of sweet an sour Sh
  6. > Comprehensive Tech MORE

    Preparation technique of appetitive mush Growth environment of Bamboo fungus Five mushroom varieties that are suitabl


China Edible Mushroom Business Net (CEMBN) opened its doors in 2000, headquartered in Beijing.

We are the most authoritative portal web in Chinese mushroom industry.

We provide the top-quality internet business service for the mushroom industry.

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  • Wild Willow Bracket

    Wild Red Belt Pine G

    Wild Turkey Tail Mus

    Wild Chaga Mushroom-

    Wild Varnish Hemlock

    Ganoderma applanatum

    King Oyster mushroom

    King Oyster Mushroom

  • Inoculation Machine

    YG-C6 full-automatic


    LED lights for edibl

    Coal and firewood en

    Solid inoculation ma

    Edible fungus pungus

    Edible fungus steril

  • Chen Chao Metal Wire

    Mushroom Plastic Bag

    The mushroom bags

    Hongfu Plastic Produ

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